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An innovative, cutting edge and prominent music industry executive who is also a  superior instrumentalist in a number of genres.


Philadelphia City Paper

"A master jazz guitarist with a rapturous flair for Spanish jazz, classical top notes and a soul-blue edge."

ICON Magazine
July 9, 2014
BHK/PR: Philadelphia, PA
Bruce Klauber: 215-730-1789
Industry Executive Bob Wilson to Appear at Hard Rock Cafe' Industry Confab: "KBM Untapped"

Bob Wilson, master guitarist and Disc Makers Vice President of Sales, will be appearing with his jazz trio—featuring bassist Bruce Kaminsky and drummer Bruce Klauber-- at The Hard Rock Café, 11th and Market Street in Philadelphia, on Monday, July 14. Bob Wilson will appear as part of a music industry networking event –“KBM Untapped”--sponsored by KBM Productions. Other performers taking part in “Untapped,” which begins at 8 p.m., are singer Calli Graver, who performs everything from jazz to opera; Philadelphia hip-hop artist My Man Shafe; and the popular jazz/blues songstress, Laura Cheadle. Information: 215-238-1000 and/or
Founded by Tony Kauffman and Charlie Bartlett, KBM Productions offers a number of creative services to the music community and industry, including cutting edge music production and promotional services. KBM has worked with, among many others, Gamble-Huff Music, and several television shows, including “Millionaire Matchmaker” and “Celebrity Fit Club.”
Jazz guitarist Bob Wilson, a University of Cincinnati graduate who is also fluent on Spanish guitar, has been an executive at Disc Makers since 2007. Wilson represents that rarity: an innovative and cutting edge music industry executive, who is also a superior instrumentalist in a number of genres. Accompanying Wilson at "Untapped" are bassist/educator/world music pioneer and inventor of the electric/acoustic hyrid KYDD Bass, Bruce Kaminsky; and drummer Bruce Klauber, biographer of Gene Krupa, producer/writer of the Warner Brothers “Jazz Legends” DVD series, ICON magazine columnist/editor, and drummer for the region’s All-Star Jazz Trio.
Bob Wilson is available for interviews: 215-730-1789

Bob, congratulations on your accomplishments in recording such a
perfect sound. It was great. ~ Larry C.

Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your CD! Great song choices and the guitar and bass is beautiful together.~Kevin and Gerri B.

Your rendition of Autumn Leaves is my new favorite…  great intro especially. ~ Chad F.

I gotta tell you, man your CD is great! I’ve listened to it about 6 times already. You really are awesome on the guitar.  ~ Syd A.

You guys sound really great together and you have amazing tone and feel. I am on my 3rd spin already and I truly love it.  ~ Brian J.

I just finished listening to it and I have to say, it sounds excellent! The mastering is great and song selection is great. ~ Justin B.

You were fantastic when I saw you back in philly at the world café! ~ Stephanie C.

It is excellent! It sounds really good! It’s great, it’s surprising, and I mean that in the best way possible. Your version of How High The Moon is excellent and Stompin’ At The Savoy also quite excellent, I’ll be listening to this quite regularly. ~ Mike W.

The album sounds great – well done! 

I’ve listened to it several times now…. You’ve got great touch on those strings. Grant Green – eat your heart out! This CD is going to be in my CD changer for a long time. Looking forward to more! ~ Chris B.

I really enjoyed your CD last night.  I played it in my car as I ran errands last night.  It was a great de-stressor!  The old standards never get old!  Sue L.