Bob Wilson

Bob Wilson has been playing guitar since childhood although he pursued his education at the University of Cincinnati in Business and chose a career path in business with music as his passion and alter ego. He initially studied with Cincinnati entertainer and accomplished guitarist, the late, Jose Madrigal,Sr. Later, as his interest in jazz developed he studied with Cal Collins, renowned jazz guitarist who traveled extensively with Benny Goodman and appeared on many Concord Jazz label recordings in the 70's. Bob has also studied Flamenco guitar in Spain and incorporates many Flamenco techniques into his playing. His earliest influences were the Ventures and The Beatles and later Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers, Santana and Eric Clapton. However, he also became a big fan of singers like; Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett. Mel Torme and Ella Fitzgerald at an early age as well as Big Bands like; The Duke Ellington Orchestra, Stan Kenton, Count Basie and Woody Herman. As a jazz guitarist his biggest influences were; Cal Collins, Joe Pass and Herb Ellis.

Bob's first CD was released in October 2012, "Standards In The Buff." It is a compilation of 9 of his favorite standards plus one great Stevie Wonder tune. On Standards he collaborated with Bruce Kaminsky who has been bassist on more than fifty recordings, including his own Klezmer Jazz Ensemble CD: “And the Angels Swing.”  Bruce has collaborated with musicians from all over the world, in many different styles. In the jazz world, he has performed with many accomplished artists including guitarists; Tal Farlow, Larry Coryell and Jimmy Bruno.

Bruce is a fellow founding member of Keynote Seminars, comprised of a few musicians who have had success in entrepreneurial and corporate environments. They draw from these experiences to teach business concepts using musical analogies through live musical performances. They conduct seminars for Universities and Corporations tailored to the needs of the organization.

"Standards In The Buff" was recorded live in Philadelphia's famed Turtle Studios and mixed and mastered by Grammy award winning sound engineer, David Rodriguez of San Juan, Puerto Rico. There are five tracks on which Bob and Bruce play together and five of which are solo guitar. The songs are performed in a straight ahead fashion, clean sound with no effects. Several songs have improvised guitar and bass solos never straying far from the melody. The concept was to perform honest, versions of recognizable tunes with minimal instrumentation yet achieving a full, finished sound. The quality of the engineering brings the listener in as if you were present at the performance.